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The average cigarette craving lasts just 5 minutes! Five minutes may seem like an eternity during a craving, so don’t simply wait for the craving to be over. Divert your attention by doing something enjoyable! If you are looking to cut back on cigarette use - or quit altogether - distraction can be an effective method to make it through nicotine cravings.  There are many ways to distract yourself from having a cigarette; here are some ideas to get started. . . .


PLay music

read a magazine

play a phone game

text a friend

make a snack


write a poem

make a to do list

start laundry

put lotion on

create art


admire your crush

do your dishes

youtube video

read a blog 

play with your pets


Quitting causes lots of challenges and exciting changes. Know what to expect and what to look forward to by reading the image below...

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