Shift MN envisions LGBTQ communities where everyone has equitable access to resources that cultivate sustainable wellness practices. We advocate for for healthier LGBTQ communities through outreach, education, social media and policy. Shift MN is a program of Rainbow Health Initiative and is funded by a tobacco-free communities grant from the Minnesota Department of Health.

meet the team



Kieran is a visual artist and proud parent of a one-toothed cat named Peanut. They are originally from Houston Texas and moved to Minneapolis to pursue a career in fine art as well as to escape the southern heat. Mental health awareness, queer visibility, and accessibility to affordable healthcare are a few topics they are passionate about. When they’re not working in their studio they are usually hanging out in coffee shops, looking at or reading about art, and daydreaming about building a cabin in the woods.


Joíe Adebanjo - Coordinator

A tea lover with a unique sense of style, Joíe is a budding model with a dying thirst that can only be quenched via reparations. They are a strong believer in a genuine sense of 'compassion for your community' and an activist fighting to let the world know that all black lives matter. Joíe has lived all across the twin cities but you can mainly catch them in the downtown area. Their favorite thing about Shift MN is being able to better themselves and their immediate community, as a Virgo, it is their duty to check themselves and those around them. 



Carl believes that Shift MN’s work of “Health Equity” and “Tobacco-Free Communities” means centering lasting relationships, joy, healing and community-driven projects. They believe in listening and supporting the already-present power, work and love within marginalized communities. Uncompromising ethics and everyday sharing of creativity are some of Carl’s main values. They welcome making new connections and love to learn. Carl is an avid skateboarder, learning to make music and is passionate about expansiveness in trans and queer experiences.