Happy New Year

I hope you all were able to enjoy the holidays in a positive way over all. The first day of the new year on a Monday. Throw a full supermoon into the mix (in Cancer if that’s your thing) and it seems like an almost perfect opportunity to allow yourself a fresh start.

Even though I do believe [to an extent] time is a social construct, it is still a very powerful thing to either work for you or against you. And so I must ask… this year will the ball be in your court? Probably not. However, will you hop that thigh fence in style and take it for yourself? I sincerely hope your answer was ‘yes’. New year's resolutions can be trash in my opinion. Of course that is just my opinion, regardless I wholeheartedly applaud anyone who takes it upon themselves to reform their person/lifestyle/environment with the utmost commitment because of such. New Years is a time for reflection and refining what it is that you desire out of this life.

No one asked to be on this planet but since you are here might as well go out with a bang.

"No one asked to be on this planet but since you're here might as well go out with a bang"

And so what have you done this year so far? Cry? Reflect? Reminisce? I know I've done all three and then some. If you did get the chance to see the full super moon in Cancer I say congratulations, for it was certainly a sight to behold along with being quite the contrast against that brilliantly blue sky. Now if you took some kind of selfish action I give you two pats on the back. I myself did a full moon ritual. I reflected on the significant events of my 2017 and shed many tears. It was a difficult year regardless of how much it had shaped my person/mindset, although I was able to do something I was not sure I would; live to see a new year. And now I have stubbornly decided I cannot die without draining this lifetime dry of all it has to offer. After coming to this realization with dried tears on my face I began to reminisce.

Life before I turned 14 was oh so simple. I didn’t quite know where I belonged or who faced the world in a way similar to me but answers to such questions were not yet important. I was in the gifted and talented program which kept my mother happy and my brother always gave me kit kat chunky bars. As far as I was aware life was good. All good things must eventually come to an end and so as easy as living in oblivion could’ve been I am grateful I was thrust out of my comfort zone.

After taking a shower + bath in addition to pampering myself to the fullest I grabbed a fresh notepad and began writing definitive statements. These statements can affect anything from financial goals to expanding skill sets to discovering where some of your own toxic behaviours stem from. We don’t always get the chance to sit down and actually think long and hard of what it is we want to achieve in order to begin physically manifesting them into our lives, so this is really important. In the past I’ve always talked about moving to certain places etc but I never actually think of what it is that I hope to achieve in the future as well as the part that’d play. Piece together a bigger picture regardless of what anyone else says. It doesn’t make sense to sell yourself short and cut off potential blessings.


Now for a mantra. I’m sure you may have heard this word before and attached some sort headassery to it (rightfully so) but honestly they are refreshing. It’s easy to keep them to yourself (repeal the evil eye placed upon you from “friends” and strangers alike) and somewhat astounding what affects speaking positive affirmations into your life including everything you do can have. It doesn’t need to be long, even a sentence written on a notecard you can stick onto the mirror is fine. How I compiled mine was to randomly say out loud what it is I want to welcome more of into my life, prior to making a list I had categories in mind where I especially wanted to flourish (e.g. finances, school, health) and so I just wanted specifics to cater to my needs. Then I wrote it down, definitives only, in red and black ink to make it official.


I feel as if you do not need to wait for it to be in the light of a new year to enact what you believe to be necessary change. This is different though. A personally beneficial ritual to be done either every significant moon cycle or annually? Sign me up. It is another level of selfishness we all need to welcome more often. Self love was a phrase widely used in 2017 so let us carry an evolved version with us into the new year.

2018? We’re being rightfully selfish with our energy.

written by J