Alphasweat Soup!

I've openly identified as non-binary for about five years. I've just begun the process of my medical transition this year. To anyone who has taken hormones, undergone any kind of transition, done some research into it, or know someone who’s experienced these things, you know it’s not an instantaneous change. It is something that can take place over months and years. As I wanted to be more muscular and just generally healthy when I was financial and emotionally ready to pursue my medical transition, I decided to approach my own fitness with a similar mentality. It’s been working out pretty well for me, and it’s still early in the year. With ‘Be healthier’, or ‘Be more active’ or some variation of this resolution on most people’s lists, I thought I would share my process. I call it…. Alphasweat Soup! 

As I mentioned my financial preparedness in terms of transitioning in the previous paragraph, it probably doesn't surprise you that I can’t afford a personal trainer, gym fees, or exercise equipment; let alone the space to put it while living with a cat and two roommates. Then there is the cloying fact that I’m a Grade A introvert and just don’t like being around other humans, let alone sweating near them. So Alphasweat Soup takes very little space, and equipment. It’s a flexible workout routine that takes almost no space or equipment.  

 A yoga mat, or folded up towel/blanket/sweatshirt will come in handy if you have a harder floor surface. Milk jugs filled with water to your comfort level, or soup cans make great weights. Resistance bands are also a versatile and super affordable workout tool. I've fallen in love with mine since I picked up a set. A chair or stool isn't a bad idea either. 

Always be sure to stretch and warm up before working out. Sore muscles are a good thing, painful ones aren't. Youtube if chock full of stretching routines. If there’s not a video there for you, I personally just make sure to work my muscles from the neck down. I’m also a big fan of hula hooping as a warm up if you've got the extra space. It’s way more fun than jumping jacks, and doesn't bother the downstairs neighbors!
Prep work out of the way; on to Alphasweat Soup! 

It’s pretty straight forward. Each letter of the alphabet has an associated exercise. Use your pet’s name, the first sentence of your favorite book, or your favorite swear word. Then set a goal; how many repetitions, how much weight, or how long to hold, etc. Keeping a small journal has also helped me keep track of progress. 

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By Addison 


Addison (they/them) identifies as a gray asexual non-binary transperson. They are rather enthusiastic about fitness and health (both mental and physical) with experience in weight lifting, martial arts, running, biking, stage combat, hiking, and camping. They also have interests that include animals, gardening, reading, pod-casts, and tabletop gaming.  
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