Gay kids are not a punishment

 I am sure at some point in our social media usage we have all come across at least one post of a person wishing a vigilant anti-gay to have the “gayest child” as a kind of punishment for their dehumanizing beliefs about lgbtq+ folks. Not only that, but more often than not these posts tend to go viral with thousands of people sharing the same “That’ll show them!” mentality. A lot of people, especially in the month of June, like to do their gay activism with a more “we’re here and we’re queer”-in-your-face approach. Of course there is nothing wrong with such, but this is one of the cases where it’s absolutely terrifying to hear many people think in such a particular way.

No matter how much more accepting we think society has become of our community, our reality is a harsh one regardless; we still face discrimination when applying for jobs, we’re very susceptible to unwarranted attacks, going to the doctor is either dreadful or disheartening, and the daily microaggressions can really make you want to cancel your day to hide somewhere enclosed. If anything our community’s visibility had put a target, no matter how subtle- a target nonetheless, on our backs.

Lgbtq+ kids are not a punishment! They need a family who’ll provide a safe home for them to explore their identities and recharge from the outside in peace. They are just children, they haven’t learned of healthy ways to deal with the stigmas yet. They need nurturing and support, not the self-suppression to avoid hearing hate speech from their loved ones and paranoia that can comes from living a double life. The most important thing that makes this widely shared belief much more frightening is human trafficking. One of the sources of this worldwide epidemic is familial rejection, especially of lgbtq+ identifying children. To wish an lgbtq+ child upon someone who will not love and cherish them is to essentially wish for the worst. These children are on the streets if they aren’t lucky enough to find a couch, the only form of identification they have is a school ID if any. With shelters now being allowed to discriminate against transgender persons, they may no even get t access resources to help them in such a situation. We must also take into account that human trafficking is a very real thing. The idea of subjecting the most vulnerable of our community into a vicious cycle is beyond horrific, and just disappointing to see every year.

Parents don’t always expect the worst to happen to their children when expelled in a fit of ‘disgusted rage’ and yet it does. This is one of the ugly realities for the young and most vulnerable within our community, why would we wish for them to potentially go through something beyond traumatic just to teach someone who is willfully ignorant a lesson? They are the future and deserve a warm loving environment that’ll embolden and strengthen them to take on this cruel world unapologetically. Our very existences go against the white cisgender heterosexual patriarchy that this society has been founded on. Being able to wake up peacefully in our bodies is a form of resistance. We aren’t a punishment or a product of karma, we are people intended to be here in this lifetime with a genuine purpose.  

1: Homophobia is not a medical condition it’s just blatant hatred

2: The huffington post ‘This Bill Is Killing Us’

written by J