15 (potential) New Beginnings

For seven long and chilly months we've simply begged the heavens above to bless us with summer sunshine, and alas it is here! How have you been spending the season so far? Eating cold treats, traveling to different places, reflecting on the past or planning for the future? The warm welcoming weather can make one fall deeply in love: with yourself, your surroundings or your (soon to be) significant other. One can do many things with these giddy emotions so why not let that be you.

We have talked about journaling before, but with a new season often comes a new found purpose. Here are some prompts we came up with and found throughout the Internet for whatever artistic outlet(s) you have always mused about how much you wanted to try. The late sunsets won’t last forever, so now is the time to take a few breaths and make haste. A lot of these prompts were made to induce a creative written piece, however a few seemed just too good to not explore outside of a blank Google document. Hopefully you see a few that’ll make you think the same thing.

  • Eye Contact: Write about two people seeing each other for the first time. One of them could be you

  • Eavesdropper: Create a poem, short story, or journal entry about a conversation you overheard.

  • 3:38: It’s 3:38 am. Where, who with, how are you feeling, what are you thinking, and why?

  • Dragon: You've come face to face with a dragon. Do you guys battle? Who with? Or is the dragon friendly?

  • Greeting: Compose a piece that starts with the word “hello” in whatever dialect you desire.

  • Stop and Stare: Create a piece about something you could simply watch forever

  • Missed Connections: Check out the “Missed Connections” section on Craigslist and see if you can find some interesting story lines to spark some creativity…

  • Smoke/Fog/Haze: You can’t see ahead of you. What is happening? How does that make you feel? How’d you end up in this situation?

  • Sounds: Sit outside for an hour-ish and allow the surrounding sounds to carry your imagination

  • Gentle touch: Do you remember the last time someone touched you gently? Was it comforting or sensual? How about the last time you caressed yourself? Did you fall deeper in love with yourself or perhaps you felt lonely?

  • Caught Red-Handed: Explore a time you were caught doing something embarrassing?

  • Fanciest Pen: Grab your favorite pens, pencils, markers, or other utensils and let them have a mind of their own.

  • Neo-Noir: The world has become that of a Neo-Noir film.

  • Darkness: Create something inspired by what you can’t see

  • Holding Hands: Do you remember the first or best time you held someone’s hand?

written by J