Let's talk

Let’s talk

About Transgender people

Trans Women

Trans Men

Non-binary trans individuals

Gender fluidity

Let’s talk about

Hormones and Surgery

Let’s talk about how

Not All Trans People

Take Hormones or want

Top Surgery

Bottom Surgery


Name and Gender Marker Changes

Let’s talk about

The In-Between

The Politics

Of Visibility and Invisibility

Societal Pressure

To Pass

(as what? as who?)

Let’s talk about

Skin becoming Thicker


And Hair Growing On


Let’s talk about

Mood Swings

Having an (In)ability

To cry

Let’s talk about How

We Don’t Talk

Because sometimes I am afraid who will actually be listening

And other times I’m afraid my words won’t reach ears at all

Written by Kieran Myles-Andrés Tverbakk