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Mondo Queer Beach Party: Trans folks & allies!

his beach party is for trans folk & our allies. 

Everyone is invited to this intergenerational extravaganza -  from the gender fabulous kids of the Little Rainbows to the trans teens of Gender Jam all the way to our amazing queer & trans elders, and everyone in between ! Bring yr best swim outfits, yr best eats to share and yr best buddies for some adventures in the waters!

WHAT: There will be two grills, one for dead stuff & one for the things without faces. YOU BRING STUFF TO GRILL AND TO SHARE! There will be refreshing pure & the ghey waters and other snacks for donations. If you can pitch in a few bucks donation that would be fabulous! 

Fun trans & queer swag for your fashionable delights. ALL funds raised will be donated to support the FREE trans youth programs of the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition!

WHERE: East side of Lake Nokomis: at 50th street, there are concrete steps leading down into the water. Look for the Rainbow Flags, grills & hawt hawt queers!

ACCESSIBILITY CHECK: There's street parking and it's right on the cement walking/biking paths. There's a sandy beach and a few yards away a beach with cement stairs that go down in another beach. We set up on the grass under the trees between the two so there's lots of shaded areas for those in need.