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Collective Bodywork Day - Saturday March 30

  • People's Movement Center 736 East 41st Street Minneapolis, MN, 55407 United States (map)

People's Movement Center (PMC) is hosting another Collective Bodywork Day Fundraiser - please join us!! Please help us spread the word by sharing this event and inviting friends!
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At this event there will be several practitioners giving bodywork / energy-work to different people in the same large room at the same time (unless otherwise noted in their description). Each practitioner and person receiving will have their own area with a massage table, massage chair, or a mat on the floor, but there are no barriers of any sort between these areas. This means that everyone in the room has the possibility of seeing and hearing each other, although while giving and receiving bodywork people generally focus on their own experience. All of the work will be done fully clothed.The room is quiet or with soft music playing and dim lights.

These sessions are different from receiving a usual individual session with a practitioner. It is intentionally a shared community space. This is important. Few of us have been raised with the experience of processing grief or joy, pain or struggle along with groups of people. Many of the rituals that our communities, particularly communities of color and indigenous communities, created to do this kind of collective work have been violently and strategically disrupted, destroyed or made illegal. Healing alongside others who are healing is different from what we do on our own. At its base, what we find with collective healing is that a certain kind of energy builds in this shared space - meaning that sometimes people feel the impact of the work they are receiving more powerfully or more deeply or just differently. New insights might emerge that wouldn't be as visible if we are on our own. Sometimes we are also more vulnerable in this kind of a space. Collective bodywork gives us the opportunity to support each other and learn from each other without words and without intent, merely by sharing this room together.

Sessions must be reserved ahead of time - please email with any questions or to book a session! There are sometimes openings available for walk-in appointments, but no guarantees! We will also be checking the email address above throughout the day, so leave a message with your phone # and we can get back to you.

This is a fundraiser for PMC and a percentage of funds raised is shared with the practitioners and event coordinators. We use these funds for general operation expenses to keep our doors open.... at the same time, PMC is committed to providing healing work that is accessible to all. Please find the $-amount that best matches your ability to support us in this work. (*larger donations accepted, along with monthly-sponsorships). PMC accepts check, cash, or card. Make checks payable to People's Movement Center. Thank you.

50 minute sessions: start at the top of every hour. The suggested donation is Sliding Scale** $25-75 per session.
25-minute sessions: start at the top of each hour and at every half hour. The suggested donation for these sessions is $10-50.

**Sliding Scale: We ask that you choose the amount that best reflects your ability to pay, and to be as generous as you can.
50% of the funds raised goes directly to PMC to continue our great work in the community. The remaining 50% is divided among the practitioners and the organizers. Your generosity makes our work sustainable! And allows others to receive work who may be less able to contribute. Thank you.

All sessions are 50min unless otherwise noted, and begin at the top of each hour. Details about practitioners below.

1-4 pm Alejandra Tobar - Global Somatics Process
2-5 pm Aziza Bisanz - Reiki
1-5 pm Bruce Thao - Reiki/Tarot . (25min or 50min sessions)
1-3 pm Joohee - Table massage (25min sessions)
2-4 pm Malia Burkhart - Chair Massage (15min or 30 min sessions)
1-5 pm Marie Michael - Somatics for Self-Care