meet the team


Joíe Adebanjo

A tea lover with an ever-changing sense of style, Joíe is a writer with a dying thirst that can only be quenched via reparations. They are a strong believer in a genuine sense of 'compassion for your community' and not the performative ally ship paraded whenever a person or corporation guilty of such gets the chance. As an activist fighting for equity, their favorite thing about Shift MN is being able to collaborate with other organizations who, individually, only have ample resources, but collectively, are able to access an incredible support system which empowers us go further than before.



Kieran is a visual artist and proud parent of a one-toothed bobtail cat named Peanut. Originally from Houston TX, they moved to the Twin Cities to study fine arts. Their passion lies in using the arts to uplift POC, spread awareness of mental health issues as well as bridging access to affordable healthcare. In their free time they can be found hanging out in coffee shops, looking at or reading about art, and daydreaming about building a cabin in the woods.