2019 Spring and Summer

2019 Pride Month is coming up! Check out these events and come say hi to us.

2019 MN Youth Pride

Saturday, June 1 from 12 - 5pm at Loring Park in Minneapolis. For all youth 22 and under as well as their supportive adults and caretakers. Come celebrate LGBTQ+ youth as well as their allies! Free food, entertainment, and fun!

Taking Pride in Film_FB.jpg

Taking Pride in Film

Saturday, June 29th. Celebrate Pride by joining Shift MN and Video Variant for a screening of “Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria” and two shorts from local queer filmmakers. There will also be the opportunity to join a discussion of LGBTQ+ activism, history, and community and a short Q&A with the local filmmakers. RSVP for your FREE spot https://tinyurl.com/TakingPrideInFilm

Let’s talk about JUUL ad targeting

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not JUUL intentionally marketed to youth. We’re pretty sure they have and we think you might agree after you see this VOX video. It provides one of the best overall explanations we’ve seen of how JUUL looked at every tactic in Big Tobacco’s playbook and used it to hook a new generation of kids and young adults on nicotine. Oh yeah, and now Altria (owner of Phillip Morris) has a 35% stake in Juul. Funny how profit always trumps our health when it comes to big corporations.


#Don’t Discount My Life

Our friends down the street - the Association of Non-Smokers Minnesota - have been working on a new campaign to highlight how Corporate Tobacco targets our communities with cheap tobacco. Did you know that Tobacco companies spent $7.7 BILLION in 2016 to reduce the price of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco for consumers. That is nearly $900,000 every hour!

In particular, tobacco coupons and discounts make it more likely that young people will become addicted to tobacco and less likely current smokers will be able to quit. Young and low income smokers are more likely to use tobacco coupons or promotions.

The tobacco industry spends billions discounting tobacco products to keep smokers addicted. It's time to fight back. Don't Discount My Life. Learn more here.